Tap Tempo

A beats-per-minute calculator with a colourful design, used by hundreds of music professionals every month.

My role

Design, development, SEO


JavaScriptjQueryHTMLCSSSVG graphics

Why I built it

As an extension of my passion for music, I created this beats-per-minute calculator for music professionals. It identifies a song’s tempo when you tap along with it — a feature that is often used in songwriting and recording. A frequent user of BPM calculators myself, I was frustrated with the outdated, clunky interface of those available online at the time. I decided to develop my own calculator with a modern design and intuitive interface. I created music-themed illustrations and wrote a script using JavaScript and jQuery. In addition, I deployed basic SEO that brings an increasing number of users to the website each month.

Tap Tempo project screenshot
Tap Tempo project screenshot


SVG graphics were a big part of this project. I learned the caveats and limitations of this format while applying the images as a responsive CSS background.

Lessons learned

In this project, I learned the value of using a JavaScript library to save time on programming the common features. It has also proven that quality design is just as important in a web project as functionality.